The thrill of the chase in relationships - Men Really Do Prefer The Thrill Of The Chase, Say Scientists

You know, we used to be… the ideal couple. I was a lucky guy and she was basically the girl...

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We all have a natural inclination to want something even more that we do not or potentially cannot have—doing everything in our power to get it.

That point when you begin to ask yourselves, what now? Fulfillment of Own Ego: But what does this adrenaline rush really do to people?

Well it is common to get satisfaction and joy upon seeing that important someone happy because of your efforts. Thus, this leads to the last stage of contemplation; where people question why they had such feelings for that specific someone.

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Can you naturally tell if your in the friend zone?

Used to like me - messed up, what are my chances?

Girls, do you prefer big or small?

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  1. most peopele are not misogynistic, just because they call you out on your bullshit doesn't mean they hate women, they just dislike the feminist bullshit.

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