I like an ugly guy - Dating an ugly guy

The other day I wrote a post about going for girls that you deem out of your league. I was recently out at the bar the...

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But nice fitting clothes, well-founded cologne, good hygiene, and confidence will go a long way. Also, my dick chubby as fuck. Not the easiest of suggestions but it is the one with the most payoff.

Be assenting to explore her passions and likes. Be arrogant and optimistic. People related to associate and devote time with people who are happy. I imagine the best thing is just to keep definitive and good hygiene. While meeting people, you wish meet single women and you will click with one of them sooner. After a year or so I sudden I realized my sense of self-worth had increased so much to the magnitude where validation from other people seemed to dim in comparison to my own sense of self-worth.

And all of a sudden I realized I had swagger. And girls really responded to it. In a way being ugly made it up better. I got annoyed of using crappy come wash and started seeing a dermatologist, the pharmaceutical he gave me worked instantly.

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  1. Also you guys are dochues he lives off of youtube yeah a youtuber is going to be poor cause you guys

  2. I'm sorry Laci, but you seem to be incredibly ignorant and thoughtless on this subject. Please do not bring it up again. Its extremely irritating.

  3. Can you please do a video on how PEOPLE cant be stolen, objects can, but people have free will. Fer serious

  4. if a woman never has never slept with any man but has had an orgy with 20 women is she a slut?

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As you be versed, maximum of branch programs are based mostly on performance. However, you be required to be...


I like an ugly guy

Posted on by Kittensu

Some women fall for ugly guys in spite of themselves—they meet them, have a bland reaction, then come to know and love them. I've fallen for ugly...