Did Dad Spank - Please, Don’t Spank Me!

The mall was so crowded there was barely enough space to walk without stepping on someone, as is normal for a mall during Christmas time...

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Rafael Costa: On some of these things I can see where you're coming from, but most of these things are bullshit.

Sara Troskot: Omg stereotyp bullshit but funny :)

ChloГ Lm: It would be most revealing.

Vrago Lanka: MANS NOT HOT

Contemplating the agony to come. If you know of anywhere to find a good amount of the pictures let me know! They were made to be spanked. He used to shed bucket loads when dad spanked him. Email required Address never made public.

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Views Read Edit View history. Currently, it has more than , shares and almost 10, likes. And, look how they turn out. He concentrates on the poster of Manchester United that is stuck to his wall. Straus, children who are spanked by their parents are more likely to have negative feelings towards their parents as adults. But, he has no excuses.

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  • I don't remember my dad ever spanking us my mom was mainly in charge of the...
  • Dear Mr. Dad: I was over at a friend's house and was surprised to see her spanking her...
  • The mall was so crowded there was barely enough space to walk just like to spank...
  • One Indiana dad sparked a major debate when he opened up a booth Stamper has told several...

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  1. See, this is what feminism is. I don't stand behind the radical man haters, but you have the right idea. Keep it up :)

  2. Well, you'll have to be a strong person to do that, because it's easy to keep hoping for more

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They're answerable repayment for safely conveying tens of millions of individuals on a systematic basis....


Did Dad Spank

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Why does dad do this to him, he wonders. Danny is an adult. He's been working for two years. He's too old to be spanked. He knows the. "The Missing Kink" is the...